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Black Label is proud to announce its partnership and collaboration with Security Specialist Partners offering our very own in-house security consultancy. Focusing on pre and post structured closing with an emphasis on risk analysis and threat mitigation solutions. Our team boosts over 75 combined years of experience in various international security organizations. Some of these groups include the United States Secret Service, Israeli Intelligence Community and private security for ultra and high net worth individuals and A-list celebrities.

Introduction to Security Specialist Partners:

At Security Specialists Partners, we understand that your home is your castle. As such the home needs to be truly be your safe haven, the place you never need to be concerned about your own safety or your family’s safety. With this philosophy in mind, we have developed a methodology to identify and limit risk at your home and surrounding property.

Having an intruder on your property can not only lead to a sense of violation and the loss of feeling safe where you should feel the safest. Damage to or loss of personal property, intellectual property theft, reputational damage, and loss of life and limb can result as well as unrecognized ripple effects.

Using a thorough and all-encompassing process of measuring risk we identify the vulnerabilities that would provide an opportunity for an intruder to gain access to your property, its valuables, and inhabitants. Using the risk analysis and the in coordination with the homeowner, a security solution tailored to your property is designed and implemented.

To mitigate the risk of un-authorized persons on your property, Security Specialist Partners have adapted methods and techniques used to “harden” and secure the homes of heads of state from targeted assassination crime and terrorism. Our advisors have successfully implemented these measures and strategies in the homes of high profile ultra-high and high net worth individuals in multiple countries.

Our core operating philosophy is that every client is our most important client. Each client receives a personalized touch from a specialist. This approach results in a long-term relationship where partnership towards a common goal is the driving force. Security Specialist Partners are focused on remaining a small boutique consultancy, in order to remain a trusted partner in providing tailored security solutions.


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