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Maureen Reynolds

Luxury Specialist | Realtor® & Architect

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As both a licensed Realtor and practicing Architect, Maureen offers her expansive knowledge to streamline the buying and selling process in the fast-paced Pennsylvania market. Her passion for finding the perfect home, and the creative lens through which she views residential properties, make her uniquely positioned to offer invaluable guidance for each client’s personal real estate journey.

Whether sketching out renovation ideas, discussing a thorough understanding of building practices, imparting knowledge of city code, assessing value and feasibility, or connecting her clients with an extensive network of builders and service providers, Maureen adds immeasurable value to her clients.  Maureen understands that home buying and selling is an important, and often emotional, process that requires thorough, honest, and straightforward advice each step of the way. Communicating clearly and consistently with her clients, supporting and protecting their goals, and negotiating strongly on their behalf are the cornerstones of her professional career. 

Active volunteer at Philadelphia animal shelters and a member of the Historic Restoration Committee.


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